This Sunday, August 10, Star Trek Online will be revealed to the public by Leonard Nimoy during Trek Con.

Actor and director Nimoy will be appearing at Cryptic Studios' event in the Gene Roddenberry Theater at the Las Vegas Hilton.

According to Cryptic Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert's recent statement to the Associated Press, the plan is to show off footage and details about the upcoming game.

"You're going to see the actual game working and functioning," said Emmert to the Associated Press in his Friday interview. "This isn't renders. This isn't concept art. Everything that people will see on Sunday is going to be taken right from 'Star Trek Online' as it stands today, so hardened people should know that a release date might be closer than they think."

Cryptic Studios and the STO team will not be leaving non-attendees in the dark. There will be a live webcast hosted through their site on August 10 at 1:30 p.m. PDT.