Ten Ton Hammer, a Massively Multiplayer Online gamers site, has just posted their exclusive interview with Jack Emmert and Emmert has now revealed a few new things.

Emmert noted some of the character elements you'd be able to customize, including "your face, your hands, your adding of antennae, big insect eyes, crazy colored skin, spots, and so on"

He also took a look at some of the important elements of the game, and the impossible one. Time travel was not going to be as big a part of the game as it had been in, say, the original series, due to the difficulty of creating new assets. Getting the spaceships right was very important however.

When it came to game mechanics Emmert revealed that they were working on "a system that we are working on now that addresses creating and generating territory - boundless territory - for players to investigate. Maybe it’ll be inhabited, maybe it won’t."

He also stated that landing missions to planets would be their own instances.